Dublin Masters Cross Country Men
Sunday, 6 January, 2019 at 13:30

Place Name Club Category Time Note
1 Rossa HURLEY Donore Harriers M35 20m58s
2 Shane O’NEIL Rathfarnham WSAF M45 21m05s
3 Karol CRONIN Sportsworld A.C. M35 21m12s
4 Michael MCMAHON Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 21m20s
5 Gareth MURRAN Sportsworld A.C. M35 21m23s
6 Des KENNEDY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 21m25s
7 Ian CONROY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 21m44s
8 Dave POWER Rathfarnham WSAF M35 21m53s
9 Ciaran MCCARTHY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 22m00s
10 Paul FLEMING Rathfarnham WSAF M40 22m12s
11 Gary MCLOUGHLIN Portmarnock A.C. A M35 22m13s
12 Kevin ENGLISH Tallaght A.C. M35 22m14s
13 Stephen HURLEY Crusaders A.C. M35 22m17s
14 Ciaran DIVINEY Crusaders A.C. M45 22m30s
15 Peter O'TOOLE Crusaders A.C. M35 22m35s
16 Andrew BRETT Sportsworld A.C. M35 22m38s
17 Phil KILGANNON Sportsworld A.C. M40 22m40s
18 Gary CROSSAN Brothers Pearse A.C. M45 22m43s
19 Ger FORDE Crusaders A.C. M35 22m46s
20 Brian LENIHAN Blackrock A.C. M35 22m48s
21 Ian MCCONKEY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 22m50s
22 Jonathan BUTLER Brothers Pearse A.C. M35 22m54s
23 Gavin KEOGH Donore Harriers M35 22m57s
23 Karl CHATTERTON Sportsworld A.C. M35 22m57s
25 Colin MURPHY Blackrock A.C. M40 22m58s
26 Garrett BANAHAN Dundrum South Dublin M35 22m59s
27 Ciaran AYLWARD Rathfarnham WSAF M35 23m01s
28 Michael CUNNINGHAM Sportsworld A.C. M40 23m05s
29 Tommy GAVIN Blackrock A.C. M45 23m07s
30 Hugh HUNT Blackrock A.C. M40 23m07s
31 Libor MATOUSEK Lucan Harriers M40 23m09s
32 Rory O’SULLIVAN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 23m11s
33 Jody GILHOOLEY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 23m19s
34 Alan FARRELL Donore Harriers M45 23m22s
35 Edwin KEVILLE Rathfarnham WSAF M50 23m25s
36 Brian BYRNE Sportsworld A.C. M35 23m30s
37 Will WALSH Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 23m31s
38 Fintan REDMOND Portmarnock A.C. A M40 23m31s
39 Ciaran REILLY Liffey Valley A.C. M40 23m33s
40 Bruce CAMPBELL Sportsworld A.C. M45 23m34s
41 Ger REDMOND. Dublin Bay Running Club M35 23m36s
42 Fergal COLLIS Dundrum South Dublin M35 23m37s
43 Kevin CURRAN Sportsworld A.C. M35 23m39s
44 Matthew BLYTH Liffey Valley A.C. M35 23m40s
45 Michael CARTY Blackrock A.C. M40 23m41s
46 Wes GRANT Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 23m42s
47 Joseph MCDERMOTT Crusaders A.C. M35 23m44s
48 Ted BURKE Blackrock A.C. M40 23m44s
49 Chris TIGHE Brothers Pearse A.C. M35 23m47s
50 John CLARKE Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 23m48s
51 David DALY Skerries A.C. M35 23m52s
52 Warren DONNELLY Balbriggan & Dist. M40 23m54s
53 Gerry O'CONNELL Marino Institute of Education M55 23m55s
54 Darren EGAN Dundrum South Dublin M35 23m56s
55 Don QUINN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 23m59s
56 Patrick HOLDEN Lucan Harriers M35 24m02s
57 John HOLLAND Lusk A.C. M40 24m05s
58 Patrick O'REILLY Civil Service Harriers M35 24m05s
59 Donal IREMONGER Donore Harriers M45 24m06s
60 Conor DOYLE Lusk A.C. M35 24m12s
61 Peter BARRY Crusaders A.C. M35 24m15s
62 M AHERN Clonliffe Harriers M40 24m18s
63 Karl WALSH Crusaders A.C. M40 24m19s
64 Eric CHAMP Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 24m20s
65 John MCAULEY Crusaders A.C. M35 24m23s
66 Gareth HORGAN Civil Service Harriers M40 24m25s
67 Anthony WALSH Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 24m25s
68 Barry AHARNE Lucan Harriers M35 24m26s
68 Niall COPPINGER Tallaght A.C. M55 24m26s
70 Peter HIGHLAND Lucan Harriers M35 24m28s
71 Christiaan FEEHAN Dublin Front Runners M35 24m29s
72 Ronan MASTERSON Sportsworld A.C. M40 24m31s
73 Paul QUINN Liffey Valley A.C. M50 24m32s
74 Eddie NUGENT Crusaders A.C. M40 24m32s
75 Mark MCCOMISH Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 24m34s
76 Neil WHITE Portmarnock A.C. A M45 24m34s
77 John HEALY Crusaders A.C. M55 24m35s
78 Martin DORGAN Liffey Valley A.C. M45 24m37s
79 David MCNALLY Brothers Pearse A.C. M35 24m40s
80 Mel HILLIARD MSB M50 24m41s
81 S CASEY Clonliffe Harriers M40 24m42s
82 K MURPHY Clonliffe Harriers M55 24m43s
83 Will MARTIN SMITH Sportsworld A.C. M35 24m43s
84 Paddy PHILLIPS Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 24m44s
85 Pat MCCAVANA Blackrock A.C. M55 24m46s
86 Al O’DONNELL Balbriggan & Dist. M40 24m50s
87 Paddy MCCORMACK Blackrock A.C. M40 24m52s
88 David FLETCHER Tallaght A.C. M40 24m52s
89 Craig SCOTT Donore Harriers M40 24m54s
90 Tom CUDDY Rathfarnham WSAF M55 24m55s
91 Pearse COYLE Rathfarnham WSAF M50 25m01s
92 Kevin D'ARCY Crusaders A.C. M40 25m02s
93 Seán DELANEY Marino Institute of Education M50 25m04s
94 Bernard O'SULLIVAN Liffey Valley A.C. M35 25m05s
95 Denis DALY Rathfarnham WSAF M50 25m07s
95 David HIPWELL Civil Service Harriers M45 25m07s
97 Eoin CONNOLLY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 25m07s
98 P O'DOHERTY Clonliffe Harriers M55 25m07s
99 David O’BRIEN Tallaght A.C. M40 25m11s
100 Justin MCKEEVER Sportsworld A.C. M40 25m12s
101 Barry MULVIHILL Rathfarnham WSAF M45 25m14s
102 Ray CUNNINGHAM Brothers Pearse A.C. M45 25m14s
103 Sean HONAN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 25m15s
104 Sean RYAN Civil Service Harriers M55 25m16s
105 Denis FARRELL Portmarnock A.C. A M50 25m17s
105 Mick KEHOE Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 25m17s
107 Peter SMYTH Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 25m19s
108 Derek LYNCH Lucan Harriers M40 25m24s
109 Noel RYAN Civil Service Harriers M45 25m24s
110 Alan MCCARTHY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 25m26s
111 John CLOHISEY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 25m27s
112 Eoin KENNEDY Brothers Pearse A.C. M35 25m28s
113 Jarlath GROARKE Brothers Pearse A.C. M40 25m29s
114 Dwain MOORE Lusk A.C. M40 25m29s
115 Daniel ENGLISH Liffey Valley A.C. M35 25m30s
116 Niall POWER Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 25m30s
117 Patrick KELLY Tallaght A.C. M35 25m34s
118 Conor O’REILLY Balbriggan & Dist. M50 25m37s
119 Alan KING Balbriggan & Dist. M40 25m39s
120 Dean KEOGH Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 25m41s
121 Jim QUINN Dundrum South Dublin M45 25m44s
122 Karl SHEVLIN Sportsworld A.C. M40 25m45s
123 Darrell REAMSBOTTOM. Dublin Bay Running Club M40 25m46s
124 William BEAUSANG Civil Service Harriers M50 25m49s
125 Gary PARK Crusaders A.C. M40 25m50s
126 Brendan RYAN Tallaght A.C. M60 25m50s
127 Andy KELLY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 25m51s
127 Emmet O’SULLIVAN Brothers Pearse A.C. M35 25m51s
129 K DOWLING Clonliffe Harriers M50 25m53s
130 Andy DAVIES Civil Service Harriers M55 25m56s
131 Philip MCGOVERN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 25m56s
132 Mick FLYNN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 25m58s
132 Karl BINGHAM Portmarnock A.C. B M40 25m58s
134 John TUOHY Liffey Valley A.C. M35 25m58s
135 Peadar FAHERTY Dublin Front Runners M40 25m59s
136 Dave FEENEY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 25m59s
137 Padraig LOOBY Sportsworld A.C. M35 26m00s
138 Pat QUILL Crusaders A.C. M50 26m03s
139 Michael GYGAX Raheny Shamrock A.C. M55 26m06s
140 Barry O'GRADY Dundrum South Dublin M45 26m09s
142 Diarmuid BYRNE Crusaders A.C. M35 26m12s
143 Robert BRANNIGAN Lucan Harriers M45 26m12s
144 Ed MCENTEE Sportsworld A.C. M50 26m18s
145 Nick DEVERY Civil Service Harriers M55 26m20s
146 Rob ASHER Blackrock A.C. M35 26m23s
147 Damon O’SHEA Balbriggan & Dist. M50 26m25s
148 Wes O’BRIEN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 26m26s
149 Tim O'DONNELL Crusaders A.C. M40 26m28s
150 Ciaran DOHERTY Dublin Front Runners M35 26m29s
151 James COTTLE Crusaders A.C. M60 26m31s
152 John POWER Skerries A.C. M40 26m32s
153 Bob MANSON Crusaders A.C. M50 26m32s
154 Desmond GILL Donore Harriers M50 26m32s
155 Tom FAGAN Donore Harriers M50 26m33s
156 Aidan MCENEFF Waterstown Warriers A.C. M35 26m37s
157 Johnny DWYER Sportsworld A.C. M45 26m38s
158 Edwin NEINHUIS Balbriggan & Dist. M40 26m39s
159 Aiden BURKE Portmarnock A.C. B M45 26m42s
160 Conor REILLY Liffey Valley A.C. M35 26m44s
161 Eamonn TRAYNOR Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 26m45s
162 Joe BYRNE Sportsworld A.C. M50 26m49s
163 Brian CONWAY Sportsworld A.C. M40 26m54s
164 Mark HEFFERNAN Sportsworld A.C. M45 26m56s
165 Jose CHAPA Sportsworld A.C. M45 26m56s
166 Mark HUGHES. Dublin Bay Running Club M45 26m56s
167 Ger O'TOOLE Blackrock A.C. M50 26m57s
168 Vincent O'NEILL Civil Service Harriers M60 26m57s
169 Dessie SHORTEN Parnell A.C. M60 26m58s
170 Noel TOBIN Sportsworld A.C. M55 26m58s
171 Tony CONNOLLY Brothers Pearse A.C. M50 26m59s
172 Liam LENEHAN Sportsworld A.C. M55 27m00s
173 Denis MURPHY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M55 27m02s
174 Peter NUGENT Donore Harriers M45 27m04s
175 John O'LEARY Portmarnock A.C. B M55 27m04s
176 Dermot HUGHES Blackrock A.C. M50 27m04s
177 Gerard WOODS Tallaght A.C. M60 27m08s
178 TJ BOURKE Crusaders A.C. M40 27m08s
179 Sean GREENSIT Lusk A.C. M50 27m13s
180 Craig DEERY Dublin Bay Running Club M45 27m15s
181 Michael FERREIRA Liffey Valley A.C. M35 27m16s
182 Declan BRADY Sportsworld A.C. M50 27m18s
182 Kevin LAMBE Crusaders A.C. M45 27m18s
184 Thomas BREHANY Liffey Valley A.C. M55 27m19s
185 C MCDONNELL Clonliffe Harriers M45 27m21s
186 Christy SMITH Civil Service Harriers M55 27m23s
187 Eamon CAFFREY Lusk A.C. M45 27m23s
188 M MCCROHAN Clonliffe Harriers M50 27m27s
189 Dave O’HARA Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 27m29s
190 Roberto ROMANO Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 27m30s
191 Alan FAIRBROTHER Brothers Pearse A.C. M50 27m33s
192 Gene MEHIGAN Marino Institute of Education M55 27m35s
193 Joseph KIERAN. Dublin Bay Running Club M50 27m36s
194 Gavin O'FLAHERTY Dundrum South Dublin M40 27m41s
195 Gavin FURLONG Portmarnock A.C. B M40 27m41s
196 Peter VINCENT Brothers Pearse A.C. M55 27m46s
197 Dermot MCCARTHY Dublin Front Runners M40 27m47s
198 Stephen WILLOUGHBY Brothers Pearse A.C. M50 27m48s
199 Keith CUMMISKEY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 27m52s
200 David MARTIN Blackrock A.C. M50 27m56s
201 Jim KEOGH Raheny Shamrock A.C. M55 27m56s
202 Sean MCDONNELL Tallaght A.C. M35 27m58s
203 R BARR Clonliffe Harriers M45 27m59s
203 Roger DOWDS Dublin Front Runners M50 27m59s
205 T WISDOM Clonliffe Harriers M40 28m03s
206 T MONKS Clonliffe Harriers M55 28m08s
207 Seamus MAC GIOLLA PHADRAIG Blackrock A.C. M50 28m09s
208 Garret NOLAN Lusk A.C. M40 28m10s
209 Declan WATTERS Brothers Pearse A.C. M35 28m11s
210 Jim BROWNE Sportsworld A.C. M50 28m12s
211 Tom CROWLEY Dublin Front Runners M45 28m13s
212 Dave GARGAN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 28m16s
213 Colm MCNALLY Lusk A.C. M50 28m20s
214 Tony GRIFFEN Donore Harriers M60 28m20s
215 N MARKEY Clonliffe Harriers M50 28m24s
216 Eoin O'BRIEN Waterstown Warriers A.C. M35 28m25s
217 Ken CAHILL Lusk A.C. M45 28m26s
218 Aidan CURRAN Sportsworld A.C. M40 28m28s
219 Will WALSH Lusk A.C. M50 28m31s
220 Ciaran MCGOWAN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 28m36s
220 Derek QUINN Tallaght A.C. M60 28m36s
222 Cathal COLLIER Raheny Shamrock A.C. M40 28m40s
223 Alan O’BOYLE Brothers Pearse A.C. M45 28m41s
224 Peter KNAGGS Sportsworld A.C. M50 28m42s
225 Thomas KINSELLA Sportsworld A.C. M35 28m43s
226 D MURRAY Clonliffe Harriers M60 28m45s
227 Ken CRONIN Donore Harriers M55 28m47s
228 Gerry FLAHERTY Blackrock A.C. M50 28m53s
229 Thomas ROCHE Dundrum South Dublin M45 28m55s
230 Brendan ATKINS Raheny Shamrock A.C. M50 28m58s
231 Arik WARSHAGER Blackrock A.C. M40 29m02s
232 John FREIR Raheny Shamrock A.C. M55 29m06s
233 Tom CASSIDY. Dublin Bay Running Club M50 29m09s
234 Frank MCNALLY Donore Harriers M55 29m13s
234 Paul HAMILTON Sportsworld A.C. M40 29m13s
236 Noel LYNAM Sportsworld A.C. M50 29m19s
237 Derrick LONG Sportsworld A.C. M55 29m28s
238 Owen MCFEELY Civil Service Harriers M45 29m30s
239 Joe DUNNE Crusaders A.C. M50 29m32s
240 David O'LEARY Dundrum South Dublin M50 29m33s
241 Mark PURTILL Portmarnock A.C. M40 29m33s
241 Anthony ALEXANDER Brothers Pearse A.C. M40 29m33s
243 Darko ZRNIC Raheny Shamrock A.C. M35 29m34s
244 Colin BROWNE Lusk A.C. M40 29m34s
245 Simon COTTER Dundrum South Dublin M45 29m44s
246 Eamon PRUNTY Civil Service Harriers M40 29m48s
247 Robbie MOORE Crusaders A.C. M50 29m50s
248 Colm MORIARTY Dundrum South Dublin M35 29m58s
249 Ray MURPHY Blackrock A.C. M55 30m00s
250 Tos MORAN Brothers Pearse A.C. M55 30m09s
251 Mark GERAGTHY Lusk A.C. M40 30m12s
252 Michael NIXON Sportsworld A.C. M40 30m14s
253 Alan MCCABE Tallaght A.C. M60 30m16s
254 Greg O'BEIRNE. Dublin Bay Running Club M50 30m18s
255 Paul WHITE. Dublin Bay Running Club M50 30m25s
256 Stephen BRENNAN Lusk A.C. M60 30m27s
257 Chris DARBY Blackrock A.C. M45 30m34s
258 Christy REILLY Raheny Shamrock A.C. M60 30m36s
259 Brian KELLY Portmarnock A.C. B M50 30m39s
260 Gary POWER Dublin Bay Running Club M35 30m40s
261 James CURRAN Blackrock A.C. M55 30m48s
262 Eric REYES Dublin Front Runners M40 30m50s
263 Kevin FLOOD Blackrock A.C. M50 30m53s
264 Olivier ANSALDI Lusk A.C. M45 30m54s
265 Mark HACKETT Brothers Pearse A.C. M55 31m04s
266 Sean O'MAHONY Blackrock A.C. M55 31m14s
267 Patrick Killian MCMORROW Blackrock A.C. M60 31m37s
268 Greg ROBINS Lusk A.C. M50 31m48s
269 Brian CORR Civil Service Harriers M50 32m44s
270 Stephen COUGHLAN Liffey Valley A.C. M55 33m01s
271 Paul FREWEN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M55 33m10s
272 Eamonn GAHAN Lusk A.C. M40 33m13s
273 Ger KEARNEY Lusk A.C. M45 33m15s
274 Kevin GREENE Dublin Bay Running Club M45 33m24s
275 Michael HAYES Marino Institute of Education M55 33m25s
276 Derek KEATING Waterstown Warriers A.C. M60 33m27s
277 Mick MARTIN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M60 34m11s
278 Roderick SMITH Tallaght A.C. M45 34m18s
279 Mick GOODMAN Raheny Shamrock A.C. M45 34m41s
280 Brendan BRADY Waterstown Warriers A.C. M50 48m19s