Liffey Valley AC placed 3rd in the Irish Runner 5 mile championships.
Saturday, 15 June, 2019

Phoenix Park, Dublin

Liffey Valley had another fantastic performance, begin placed 3rd out of all Senior teams in the Irish Runner 5 mile race in Phoenix Park.

Peter Arthur lead the team and ended with a time of 25 minutes and 15 seconds and 5th place overall. Pierce Geoghegen was not far behind with a time of 25 minutes and 51 seconds and a 10th place finish. The second two team finishers, Ciaran Reilly and Paul Balfe, were also within a minute of each other on 28 minutes and 41 seconds and 29 minutes and 17 seconds respectively.

The next three runners were within 20 seconds of each other between 29 minutes, 59 seconds and 30 minutes, 17 seconds. In this contest between Liffey Valley runners, Conor Reilly beat Anthony McMahon by just 9 seconds, reversing the result of their previous contest in the National 5k championship.

Brigid Reilly achieved another PB for this season getting 35 minutes and 37 seconds, an improvement of over 1 minute on her previous time.

Full results below:

Name Overall Time
Peter Arthur 5th 25m 15s
Pierce Geoghegen 10th 25m 51s
Ciaran Reilly 46th 28m 41s
Paul Balfe 59th 29m 15s
Eddie McGrath 83th 29m 59s
Conor Reilly 86th 30m 08s
Anthony Mc Mahon 90st 30m 17s
Brigid Reilly 272th 35m 37s

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