Michael Ferreira wins Final Winter League Race
Tuesday, 28 March, 2017

Furze Road, Phoenix Park

Tommy Breheny overall winner of the League

On a fine spring evening heralding the arrival of Summer Time the scene was set for the 2 Mile Open Handicap Road Race on the Polo Lap which finishes the five races Winter League.

Michael Ferreira displayed his intentions early as he set about dropping his starting companion Annie Gittens and by the end of the first lap had overhauled no fewer than eleven of those who had started on the handicap before him. Some others who had started in the middle of the handicap including Aileen Gittens, Dave Morley, Anthony McMahon and Annie Gittens were also making progress. Peter Arthur running off virtual scratch was moving along with serious intent as he passed the one lap point.

The run up Lord’s Walk with its incline has in the past changed the pattern of this race but not so at the front on this occasion. This was familiar territory for Michael Ferreira having run up and down the road on many sessions. He powered up the climb and was a clear winner ahead of Dave Morley making a return to action and Annie Gittens who was also back racing after injury.

The closeness of the finishers was evidenced as 22 finished inside a minute testing the capabilities of the recorders. Peter Arthur clocked a very impressive 9m13s for the 2 mile circuit with Damien Cauvet running 9m31s.There were quite a few p.b.’s throughout the field.

Tommy Breheny won the Winter League, helped by his win in the 4k, three points ahead Matthew Blyth with Sile Carroll third. A total of 57 competed in the league overall which is an indication of the inclusiveness of the competition the handicap system providing an opportunity for all to feature.

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