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Nick Davis

Nick Davis

Nick Davis was the Liffey Valley AC women’s team coach and has a distinguished record in coaching and athletics administration in Ireland. He has coached athletes to win both National Track and Cross Country Championships and to compete in the World Championships. He has managed Irish Teams at Olympic Games, World Championships and Europa Cup Team Competitions. His coaching philosophy is to help athletes of whatever standard to reach their potential and enjoy this great sport. Nick was President of BLE, the fore runner of AAI and was instrumental in setting up Athletics Ireland.

Meet some current Liffey Valley members

Some people think that running clubs are exclusive, that you need to be a star athlete to join. At Liffey Valley we welcome all people who want to improve their running. At our club we focus on getting the best out of each runner and our coaching team have the experience and skills to do this for any type of running event at every level.

We also have an inclusive and supportive environment created by experienced runners. This page is about meeting some of these runners and reading their stories. Our hope is that once you have met some of us you may take a chance and try us out. Running is not easy: it takes toughness, commitment, patience and concentration but with the right coaching and encouragment it is possible to achieve things you may not have thought likely.

The profiles below are some of our current members. If you want to read more about them click on their name.

Name Michael
Group Men Masters
Before I joined Liffey Valley I was a three-runs-a-week person (on a good week). I had been running on my own like this for about a year and while I initially got better I found that I had plateaued. I was not sure about joining a club but used to run past the blue door of the Liffey Valley club house every week and one day I decided to give them a try. I joined the beginners group and at first it was quite a challenge. However, thanks to the coaching support and camaraderie I quickly progressed and, within 9 months managed to get my 5K time down from just over 21 minutes to under 19 minutes. I now regularly race with the the club who are fully engaged in the Dublin and Ireland athletic scene
Name Brigid
Group Women Novice
I started running on my own in 2012 and and gradually worked up to about 6kms, twice a week. After 2 years I had not run a PB and wanted to try longer distances. After doing my first half marathon I knew that I still needed to work on my speed. I decided to join a club despite the fact that I felt intimidated at the prospect. In 2018, after I had just joined I ran a 5km race in 25:08 and a year later ran the same race and got a time of 21:34. I have also done a marathon since then and often race for the club.
Name Pierce
Group Men Senior/Masters
I joined the club in 2006, when I was in college and training for my first running event ever – the Dublin Marathon. I ran with the club for about 3 years back then but when I started working in 2009 my hours were very long and I had to travel a lot so I lost touch with running for a few years. I dipped in and out of the club throughout that time but I’ve been back training seriously again with Liffey Valley for the past 3 or 4 years.

Liffey Valley Athletic Club was founded in 1974. The profiles below are for some of the historical racers who have been a part of the Liffey Valley family.

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If you connect with any of the stories above then why not give us give us a go? Contact details are below and the Tuesday session is best for stretching your legs with us.

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